Our Fertility Clinic Expands Your Options for Getting Pregnant

Donor eggs and donor sperm restore hope for men and women who would otherwise not have options for getting pregnant. Our Tulsa fertility clinic, serving Bartlesville to Joplin, offers leading edge donor services through its renowned IVF lab. With donor egg or donor sperm, Tulsa Fertility Center can provide the best chance for your successful outcome.

Arriving at the decision to use donor eggs or donor sperm usually takes some time and a great deal of discussion. Our fertility clinic staff specializes in donor services, and patiently and compassionately leads you through each step of the process. Once you and your partner agree to pursue IVF with donor egg or donor sperm, we will reassure you with positive statistics.

For example, the IVF success rates for donor egg cycles may be as high as 60 percent.

Supplementing Fertility with Donor Egg IVF

Women with a competent uterus may be unable to get pregnant due to poor egg quality. Our fertility clinic has seen remarkable success with donor egg cycles in women who thought they would never conceive.

Donor egg IVF has a very high success rate because the age of the donor determines the quality of the egg. Our fertility clinic uses eggs from a highly screened database of young, healthy egg donors.

Ideal candidates for donor eggs include:

  • Women of advanced maternal age (over 35)

  • Women diagnosed with premature ovarian failure

  • Women with a low ovarian reserve

  • Women with a history of failed IVF cycles

  • Women with certain genetic conditions

  • Women who have undergone cancer treatment

A donor egg cycle will involve in vitro fertilization or IVF. Your chosen donor prepares to undergo a synchronized cycle of IVF during a fresh egg cycle.

Starting a Family with Donor Sperm

While advances in reproductive medicine provide options for men with very low sperm counts, some situations may lead your fertility clinic to recommend donor sperm.

We partner with reputable sperm banks around the U.S. to provide a viable option for conceiving your child.

Ideal candidates for donor sperm include:

  • Men diagnosed with an absence of sperm

  • Men with certain genetic conditions

  • Men who have undergone cancer treatment

  • Same sex couples

Before our fertility clinic will recommend donor sperm, the female partner will undergo testing to ensure that her fallopian tubes are open and the uterus is in good health. Depending on the findings, our fertility specialists will either recommend intrauterine insemination, IUI or IVF with donor sperm.

Contact our fertility center, located in Tulsa near Bartlesville, to inquire about donor egg services, or donor sperm IUI.

Donor Program

Become an Egg Donor

Changing the life of a couple experiencing infertility includes the benefits of giving and receiving.

  • Give: If you are young, healthy and altruistic, consider anonymously donating eggs to give the gift of a family.
  • Receive: Egg donors receive compensation for their time and efforts.



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