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About Tulsa Fertility Center: Cutting Edge Care with Compassion


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The fertility doctors at Tulsa Fertility Center, Dr. Stanley Prough and Dr. Shauna McKinney, believe that most problems with getting pregnant can be solved. Our experienced reproductive endocrinologists have devoted more than 20 years to helping build families in Tulsa, Bentonville and Fort Smith, and nothing matters more than your successful outcome.

Our passion for resolving infertility drives us to invest our time in research, teaching and advocacy to further the field of reproductive medicine, and support the infertility community. The reproductive endocrinologists at Tulsa Fertility Center passionately help individuals and couples that partner with us to finally overcome infertility.


Fellowship Trained Fertility Doctors: What Does that Mean for You?

Our fertility doctors both completed medical school at the University of Oklahoma, and advanced to earn board certification as obgyns, and complete fellowship training as reproductive endocrinologists. Tulsa Fertility Center’s Stanley G. Prough, M.D and Shauna McKinney, M.D. specialize in infertility, and challenge themselves to continue learning, contributing and innovating as reproductive endocrinologists. In addition to our renowned fertility doctors, the Tulsa Fertility Center team includes a highly skilled laboratory director board certified in embryology.

About the Tulsa Fertility Center IVF Lab

Patient care is the heartbeat of our fertility center, sustained by services provided by our IVF laboratory. The ART lab & fertility laboratory maintains the highest standards so that our patients will benefit from comprehensive IVF lab services that lead to successful pregnancies. Director  J. Kevin Thibodeaux, Ph.D is instrumental in helping us earn full accreditation and a reputation for excellence in ART services. Dr. Thibodeaux is board certified as a High Complex Laboratory Director (HCLD) and by the American Academy of Embryology (ACE). Under Dr. Thibodeaux’s care, the fertility laboratory team meticulously cares for embryos, safeguards sperm and oocytes, and performs microsurgical fertilization in conjunction with fertility testing and IVF treatment.

Tulsa’s Patient-Centered Infertility Care

Tulsa Fertility Center accepts most insurance plans, and commits to making world-class fertility care both affordable and accessible. We see patients from right here in Oklahoma, to Fort Smith, Arkansas and beyond. Men and women travel to Tulsa to find that our fertility doctors truly care about their struggles to get pregnant.

Our commitment is to provide patient-centered infertility care, at the hands of fellowship trained reproductive endocrinologists, in a comfortable and caring fertility center. Tulsa Fertility Center has stood for excellence in reproductive medicine for over two decades. Our greatest accomplishment is the growing number of families that have achieved pregnancy and were finally able to put infertility behind them.

Contact the compassionate team at Tulsa Fertility Center to schedule a consultation with a fertility doctor that is equally committed to advancing medical science and your heartfelt goal of becoming a parent.

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